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Ten Immutable Laws of Computer & Security Administration

Posted by Scott Cayouette on 1st, 2008

Since my first few posts are going to be on Security I thought that you should also take the time to include these two really important essays on Computer Security from Microsoft.

The first essay is known as the Ten Immutable Laws of Security and was written by the Microsoft Security Response Center. The second essay by Scott Culp from Microsoft is also very informative and still relevant. Please read both essays carefully and print them for future review. This could mean the difference between having your Data and Not having your Data. The former is preferred over the latter, in my opinion, and maybe yours too.

Microsoft TechNet: 10 Immutable Laws of Security

Microsoft TechNet: Security Administration - 10 Immutable Laws

Good luck and Happy Reading.

LIVE! Appearance at the Microsoft Small Business Summit 2008

Posted by Scott Cayouette on 1st, 2008