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Check out the website

Posted by Scott Cayouette on 3rd, 2008

If you are a Technology fan or an IT Pro you should check out the website that was founded by Leo Laporte and friends. He has a lot of different Podcast shows featuring people like John C. Dvorak, Paul Thurott, and Steve Gibson on Security of  the famed Gibson Research Center and the Super Spinrite software for Hard Drives. I have used Spinrite…and it really works…but I digress

Leo also has his own personal website at that has a lot of information worth checking out too. He is also the host of a weekend radio program called the “Tech Guy” which can be found on XM and 50 or so other radio stations throughout the country. He even has archives to past shows too.

 I hope you take the time to go to these websites and maybe you will learn a few things too.